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November 9, 2023
  • Pose a question, receive a tailored response: Interact with it on any topic, and it adapts its answers based on the information you provide.
  • Compatible with various applications: Whether you’re using Google Docs, Notion, or Confluence, customize it and align with your Oracle.
  • Integrate it seamlessly into Slack or as a website widget: Its versatility caters to both internal and external usage.
  • Automated scraping feature: Effortlessly incorporate information from your public help center or API docs into the Oracle with a single click.
  • Built for privacy: Data is securely stored in a SOC2 compliant application, and is never utilized to train ChatGPT. No API access to your tools is even required!
  • Enhance your support workflow with Support Escalation by integrating it into your Slack, providing your support team with a streamlined method to access pertinent information and formulate responses. 
  • Elevate your Sales team’s efficiency by adding it to Slack, enabling instant answers to inquiries such as product functionalities or recommended DPA templates. 
  • Optimize Support Deflection by incorporating it into your website, help center, or API docs through a chat widget, empowering end-users to independently resolve queries directly. 
  • For People Ops, integrate it into your Slack to efficiently deflect routine questions like expense procedures or information on the study budget.

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