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November 9, 2023

Chatbase is an AI based chatbot creation platform enabling users to construct chatbots educated with their specific data. Noteworthy features include the ability to personalize chatbots by training them with data from uploaded PDFs or text extracted from websites. It employs GPT-based technology allowing chatbots to comprehend and respond to queries pertinent to the provided data. Additionally, users are furnished with a unique link to easily access their bespoke chatbot.

  • Customer Chat support: Give your customers an extra edge of assurance with AI based custom chatbots from Chatbase. Train your chatbot to cater useful information to your customers from your website or manuals.
  • Smarter FAQ and knowledge base: Train smarter chatbots based on your uploaded knowledge base or FAQ’s. Now Develop chatbots to answer questions based on uploaded documents or web content
  • Advanced integrations: Chatbase also allows custom integrations with their developer tools. 

Chatbase in overall is an AI enabled chatbot generation and integration system that allows users to create custom and intelligent chatbots aligned to their use cases. Explore a world full of possibilities in AI chatbot automation with Chatbase.

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