Lumiere 3D

Lumiere3D stands as an advanced AI platform crafted to assist enterprises in swiftly generating compelling cinematic videos tailored for e-commerce and marketing purposes.


Sellesta offers a holistic solution for Amazon sellers seeking to enhance their product listings, improve visibility, and elevate sales. This includes services such as keyword research, listing optimization, and competitor analysis.


Aidaptive is a predictive personalization engine powered by AI, crafted to enhance revenue and drive conversions for eCommerce and hospitality brands. Prominent features and benefits comprise:

Digital Genius

DigitalGenius stands at the forefront of eCommerce platforms, leveraging the power of advanced AI to revolutionize customer service processes. Tailored with precision, it is engineered to enhance the overall customer experience while simultaneously driving efficiency in operations and reducing costs for eCommerce and retail enterprises.

Penny AI

Experience the future of online shopping with Penny AI, the ultimate free Chrome extension that transforms your browsing into savvy purchasing. With its advanced price comparison, you’re guaranteed to snag the best deals. Explore a world of options with its similar items discovery, ensuring you never miss out on alternatives. Plus, with the automated pros and cons analysis, making an informed decision has never been easier. Unlock the power of smart shopping with Penny AI and bid farewell to overspending forever.