Chatbase is an AI powered chatbot that enables you to oversee customer dialogues, delivers instant alerts on customer engagements, and evaluates the chatbot’s effectiveness. Users have the flexibility to tailor the chatbot’s responses and look, ensuring a fluid integration into their website for dynamic customer interaction.


GAJIX is your AI-driven learning companion, crafted to instantly clarify any subject or webpage. It comes equipped with a suite of tools aimed at amplifying productivity and enriching the educational journey.

Humata AI

Discover a chatbot that’s not just smart, but ingenious in managing and comprehending your files with unparalleled efficiency. Thanks to Humata an AI-driven marvel that elevates your file storage and management, propelling you into a new era of organizational excellence.

Community of Makers, building with state-of-the-art, modern Artificial Intelligence. hosts regular Hackathons teaching how to build and use different AI technologies.


Ask their AI any questions about finance, investing, budgeting, taxes, and more. Also allows you to uncover important info about professionals who provide financial services and you can browse their advisor database too.


Tutor AI is an AI-powered learning platform. You can enter any topic and it will provide you with various options you can use to learn about that topic.


A platform for you to access and understand research papers. With paper abstracts and direct pdf links, you’ll never have to struggle with tedious downloads again. Built with a GPT assistant to help you all along.


Detect AI Written Text in Essays and Emails. Their analysis leverages the combination of Open AI’s existing Roberta-base model for GPT detection, and our own proprietary models.


Soofy is an AI language-learning app that offers an innovative approach to mastering a new language. With a focus on practice and real-life scenarios, Soofy provides users with features to improve pronunciation, writing, and conversation skills. From writing essays and describing images to making debates and role-playing scenarios with an AI, Soofy offers a wide range of language options and engaging features to help you practice and improve your language skills.


Compute expert-level answers using Wolfram’s breakthrough algorithms, knowledgebase, and AI technology. Geared towards the subjects of Mathematics, Science & Technology, Society & Culture, and Everyday Life.