Enabling a Conversational Assistant for Efficient Task Management, Data Analysis, and Engagement in Multiple Languages.


A very useful AI tool for researchers – It can be used to create a summary, an outline or reword articles.

Better Synonyms

A convenient way to find better synonyms for words in a specific context. It enables you to search for synonyms that will fit more naturally in a sentence, making it easier to convey their desired meaning.

Penelope AI

A sophisticated AI writing assistant. Speed up your writing effortlessly – Paraphrase, Summarize, Generate a story or AI autocomplete.

Quillbot Paraphraser

Quillbot will rewrite your text. Start for free by writing or pasting something and then clicking Paraphrase.

Rephraser AI

Rephrase text using AI, with multiple options for the tone and style of the text. Also offers users the ability to get revisions to improve their text.