Enabling a Conversational Assistant for Efficient Task Management, Data Analysis, and Engagement in Multiple Languages.


Chatsimple utilizes the capabilities of ChatGPT to simplify your customer interactions, facilitating the delivery of high-quality service and increasing the conversion of visitors into customers. You have the ability to train a chatbot using your specific business content and seamlessly integrate it with your existing communication channels.


Sidekick functions as an AI-powered Slack bot, acting as your dedicated business assistant.

Through Sidekick, you have the capability to pose questions in everyday language to your organizational apps, monitor crucial topics, establish reminders, search through documents, and condense conversations and direct messages within Slack. Furthermore, you gain complimentary access to ChatGPT 4.0 directly through your Slack interface, assisting you in generating content like emails, playbooks, templates, articles, and posts.


Meet Olympia, your AI-driven partner in business expansion. Exclusively crafted for solopreneurs and bootstrapped startups, Olympia transforms the hiring landscape with a revolutionary approach. Bid farewell to the hurdles of costly human hires and usher in a new era of accessible expertise.


Bizway is a dynamic tool that transforms your business concepts into tangible, actionable plans. Powered by GPT-4, Bizway produces personalized roadmaps and insights to aid you in formulating and implementing various aspects of your business plan, be it an MVP, a marketing strategy, or financial calculations.

Eesel AI

Eesel AI functions as a company-specific ChatGPT, integrating seamlessly with your organizational resources such as Google Docs, Notion, Confluence, and the help center. By linking these platforms, you gain access to an “oracle” capable of providing immediate answers to any query. Embed it in Slack, Microsoft Teams or utilize it as a website widget for enhanced accessibility.


Paperade is the first AI-powered tool that generates commercial use cases and company ideas from over 100 million academic papers and research studies. It’s like having a PhD in startup ideas.

Validator AI

AI business validator for any idea. Validate and receive constructive feedback on any startup idea, powered by AI. It first lists out potential struggles you may encounter when running the business and then gives it’s overall feedback about your business idea.

Namy ai

Namy is a simple tool to generate some domain name ideas for your business or brand. Simply enter a few details about your product or brand and hit “Generate!“. The tool will give you a list of fitting domain names, and also tell you if they’re registered or not. Namy uses the Namecheap API to check which domains have already been registered.


The future of generative storytelling is here. Unlock your best work with Tome’s AI-powered storytelling format.