Samurai AI

Introducing Samurai AI: Your content savior. Cut through the clutter of saved articles, YouTube videos, and TED talks with concise summaries. Save time, stay informed.


Enabling a Conversational Assistant for Efficient Task Management, Data Analysis, and Engagement in Multiple Languages.


MagicCast is an AI-driven tool created to transform lengthy audio into timeless content resources.


Magical AI integrates the capabilities of artificial intelligence directly into your calendar, meetings, and daily routines. It serves as an intelligently designed calendar, assisting you in note-taking, follow-ups, task analysis, memory recall, and various other functionalities.

A comprehensive platform for all your research processing. Smart search and a wide range of smart filters, reading list analysis, auto-generated summaries, autonomous extraction and systematizing of data.


Summarize any Slack channel or thread in one click. theGist algorithm goes over the conversation, and instantly creates a short summary for you.


AI summaries for YouTube. Turn any long YouTube video into a Summary with 8 key ideas. Now you can instantly decide if the video is worth watching. Perfect for 👩‍💼business education, 🎙podcasts, 📺interviews, 📰news, and 👨🏻‍🏫lectures!

Gimme Summary AI

Gimme Summary AI is a free Chrome extension that uses ChatGPT to summarize articles on the web. It is 100% free and privacy friendly. It also has a keyboard shortcut function.


Sybill generates accurate, human-like sales call summaries based on the conversation and the buyer’s emotional reactions. Follow up effectively, hit on the precise areas of interest, and say goodbye to taking notes for CRM.


A very useful AI tool for researchers – It can be used to create a summary, an outline or reword articles.