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November 13, 2023
  • Conversational Natural Language Interface: Pose open-ended questions in a conversational style at no cost.
  • Support for Follow-up Questions: Delve deeper and seek additional clarification by posing follow-up questions.
  • Seamless Integration with Business Apps: Link up and retrieve information from a diverse array of business applications.
  • Extraction of Data and Provision of Insights: Sidekick retrieves pertinent data and furnishes succinct and insightful responses.
  • Enhanced Productivity and Efficiency: Simplify the processes of data retrieval and decision-making.
  • Entrepreneurs and managers in search of prompt and precise insights from their business applications.
  • Sales teams aiming to monitor their pipeline, leads, and the progress of deals.
  • Marketing experts evaluating the performance and metrics of their campaigns.
  • Financial teams obtaining financial reports and overseeing critical metrics.
  • Project managers supervising project status and resource distribution.

Sidekick serves as the perfect companion for effortlessly navigating your business applications and acquiring valuable insights.

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