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November 13, 2023
  • Automatically transcribe, summarize, and generate meeting notes in 32 languages.
  • Access your calendar and meeting notes on any website with the shortcut ⌘+E.
  • Effortlessly prepare with the integration of ChatGPT-4 into your calendar and meetings.
  • Synchronize and intelligently categorize all meeting notes directly into platforms like Notion, ClickUp, and others.
  • Generate aesthetically pleasing scheduling links using artificial intelligence.
  • Promptly join your upcoming meeting.
  • Inquire with Magical AI about anything you’ve spoken or heard during your calendar events.
  • Professionals with packed schedules seeking an efficient solution for handling meetings and agendas.
  • Team leaders striving to enhance the coordination and efficiency of their meetings.
  • Individuals desiring a simplified scheduling process to regain control over their time.

Immerse yourself in the next era of time management with the quickest and most user-friendly calendaring experience.

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