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November 8, 2023
  • Peasy AI – Marketing: Utilize AI to scrutinize WhatsApp chats for sharper targeting, ensuring superior lead quality and reduced budget expenditure.
  • Peasy AI – Sales: Boost your sales force’s efficiency with automation, AI-assisted follow-ups, predictive forecasting, and more, enabling them to concentrate on the core art of selling.
  • Multi Channel Support: Connect with your audience across a wide array of platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads, FB/IG Messenger, Telegram, LINE, WhatsApp, Email, Live Chat, and Twitter.
  • Smart Campaign Prediction: Safeguard your budget by accessing predictive outcomes for your strategies before getting into any financial commitment.
  • Audience recommendation and automation: Set your campaign targeting automatically and with ease.
  • Auto Optimization: Effortlessly fine-tune your targeting, bids, budgets, and channels through automatic optimization.
  • Unified Inbox: Utilize a unified inbox accessible to your entire team. 
  • Automated Contact Allocation: Automatically allocate contacts to agents to streamline lead handling. 
  • Agent Productivity Boost: Enhance agent productivity with smart automation, focusing their efforts on significant tasks. 
  • Real Time Reporting: Gain instant insights with real-time reports on agents and sales without compromising on performance.

Peasy AI boasts of AI-driven marketing and sales capabilities, robust multi-channel support, accurate campaign forecasting, and much more. It refines your sales operations and enhances outcomes. Kickstart the amplification of your online-to-offline sales possibilities with Peasy AI today.

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