MagicCast is an AI-driven tool created to transform lengthy audio into timeless content resources.

Peasy AI

Peasy AI is the ultimate tool for streamlining your transition from online to offline sales. Recognizing that not all products fit the mold of conventional e-commerce shopping carts, Peasy AI seamlessly fills this void. It’s the perfect ally for generating top-tier leads, enhancing sales team coordination, monitoring deals, or refining your sales approach—all from one comprehensive platform.


AI search engines built for creators. Search through your favourite podcast like My First Million easily. You can also submit a form adding your podcast.


Your favorite content. Transcribed and searchable. Context is an AI-powered search engine that can find any moment you’re looking for within large collections of audio and video content. You can search content of creators like Mr Beast and MKBHD.

Whisper Memos

Whisper Memos is an app that records your voice and sends you an email with the transcription a few minutes later. Use it to record quick thoughts, reminders and daily journal entries.

AI assistant for your meetings Record, transcribe, and search across your voice conversations.

AI meeting assistant transforming Google Meet into actions, tasks and follow-ups. Features include: Real-time transcription and one-click highlighting. AI summaries and meeting intelligence. Automated Follow-up.

Type Studio

Type Studio is a text-based video editor that takes your video and transcribes it into text automatically. They also have quick tools for video editing, subtitles, podcast, repurposing, and recording.


Turn Your Content Team Into Unstoppable Creators. Automatically transcribe, edit, repurpose, and brand your video content – all in one place and produce video content at scale.


Get Dozens Of Content Pieces with ContentFries. Create contextual content for weeks or months ahead, faster than ever before. They also have a subtitle creator software – auto-subtitles for 120+ languages and dialects.